Recording, Logging and Investigation Solution

DIVOS 3 log

A huge range of information and data sources feed into operational decision making. Modern technology supports operators as they integrate and interpret this data and information, and then take the required actions.

Designed to respond to the specific needs of GSM-R environments, DIVOS 3 log offers synchronised recording, analysis and playback of all relevant information…including functional numbers, ISDN numbers, call priorities, call duration, data and time.

It’s the real-time processing of information and data flows that drives daily operational decisions, but a historical record of all inputs and actions is also vital to success.

This record serves three critical purposes:

Compliance with legal requirements
Support for investigation of relevant incidents
Analysis of decisions and actions for training purposes and performance review

Only a state-of-the-art recording and logging system can provide the data necessary to satisfy the needs of analysts, trainers and investigators. The Frequentis DIVOS 3 log is just such a recording system.

The solution scores at three levels:

1.Implementation and cost

Integration with Frequentis products, like the FTS 3020, reduces total cost of ownership by sharing hardware components and lowering installation and maintenance costs.

2. Functionality

DIVOS 3 log can record and monitor any kind of voice and data media across hundreds of channels. An optimised browser-based user interface gives quick and clear access to any part of that recording, with optimised playback and data visualisation tools. State-of-the-art security features ensure the safety of the recorded data itself, secure and flexible management of access to that data, and protection from data manipulation.

3. Data retrieval

Recording alone is, however, insufficient to meet modern needs. DIVOS supports information retrieval in various formats or as customisable tables for easy review and further processing.