Emergency and Incident Management Solution

Rail Emergency Management

The Frequentis Rail Emergency Management (REM) solution is a combined information, alerting and recording tool for the operational management of emergencies and incidents.

Safe to use 

REM offers complete freedom of action while leading the user through the emergency process. It documents the incident workflow in full by accurately recording any communication made, or measure implemented, through the tool. This workflow can then be used for compensation management and court purposes. Important incident information, including required/responsible communication contacts, is available at the touch of a button and can be shared instantly with internal staff and relevant external agencies.

More efficient structures and processes 

One of the solution’s features is to support the centralisation of processes in fragmented organisational structures, with no loss of quality. This accelerates alarm and communication processes when an emergency strikes. The tool determines the responsibilities (function, location and timing) of individuals and organisations in a matter of seconds.


REM is designed for 24/7 continuous operation. In the event of a network failure, all important information is still accessible offline. The user can see the current status of the system immediately, just by looking at relevant indicators on the main screen.

Easily integrated and flexible 

REM is particularly well suited to integration with existing systems, thanks to its service bus-oriented architecture. The REM architecture is scalable and easily adapted to specific operational requirements. Integrated data management features collect and align data from external sources.

REM removes the need to update 40 or more pages of possible contacts: it uses the current time, incident location and incident class to identify the people/ organisations with appropriate responsibility. And all of that at the touch of a button.