Voice communication & control systems

In today’s complex and dynamic military scenarios, the “need-to-share” paradigm is imperative. Integrated, interoperable capabilities are major prerequisites for superior information and superior command.

Voice communication and control systems need to be:

  • Network-oriented: enabling coordination and sharing of voice and data across a network of individuals, locations and devices in a range of conditions
  • Future-proof: compliant with current and planned standards, IP-ready and able to adapt to changing circumstances and new technologies
  • Reliable: fully-redundant and failsafe system architecture
  • Flexible: excellent user and role management capabilities, with user interfaces optimised for single-interface presentation of integrated data and, most importantly, usability…supporting fast and accurate decision making and communication
  • Cost-efficient: integrating with legacy equipment and making good use of COTS

Frequentis voice communication and control systems offer this and much more. The flagship product is the VCS 3020X, a combined voice and data switch providing integrated voice communications for radio, telephone and intercom in one unique system, with unlimited conferencing capabilities.

The VCS 3020x provides operator access to all communication channels, regardless of the system load at any time.

The Frequentis 3020X product portfolio recognises the different requirements of customers managing a range of communication and control facilities. The VCS 3020X serves large-scale environments, while the smart3020X and pure3020X cater for the special demands of smaller centres and facilities.

All configurations benefit from the combination of Frequentis expertise, top technology and a deep understanding of customer needs.

The smart3020X is suited to small- and medium-sized facilities that still need a full set of VCS features. It exploits stackable GATE-X2 switch modules to support flexible scaling, but uses the same software as its larger sibling to ensure no sacrifices in terms of functionality.

The pure3020X is a small-scale, economic alternative to a fully-featured communication solution. It offers core functionality in a quick-to-install package demanding minimal training and maintenance investment.