Network nodes and gateways

Adding network functionality to existing operational infrastructure requires flexible solutions: network solutions that ease the transition from legacy to future-proof environments and connect existing systems easily and seamlessly.

Frequentis specialises in developing just such tailor-made solutions for defence applications.

iRIF, for example, is an IP radio gateway combining high reliability with state-of-the-art VoIP capabilities.

Designed for mission-critical defence applications, its analogue and digital audio & control interfaces connect to a rich variety of military radio equipment.

The VCX range of network solutions interconnect all types of legacy communication systems through various forms of networks, as required by your specific needs and circumstances. The new network frees you from the constraints of short-term communication product lifecycles.

Intelligent network design ensures increased efficiency, reduced costs, unparalleled reliability and outstanding interoperability of different systems, devices and interfaces.

Learn more about iRIF, iDRIF, VCX-IP, VCX in our VCS 3020X brochure.