Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Intelligent Integration

Intelligent Integration of CCTV – the Frequentis Way

The Frequentis CCTV system offers the operator information and options based on current activities. For instance, accepting an emergency call automatically routes cameras near the caller to the operator’s CCTV screen.

Frequentis solutions offer intelligent integration of all separate systems: intelligent means the system adapts to the operator’s current task, follows relevant business processes and concentrates on what really matters. At the same time, the flexible architecture allows for change and integration of future product extensions.

Connectivity between different modules is established through the central access & control layer. This layer not only provides a flexible way to integrate different modules, but it also keeps a record of core system resources and synchronises user actions. It offers the functionality needed to allow access, for example, to a camera currently controlled by a colleague or to link an external alarm with a macro defining the routing of camera pictures to the video wall.

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