3020 LifeXTM is a future-oriented public safety solution designed to satisfy all demands of a next generation control room and its dispatchers. The sophisticated software architecture makes it possible to connect a variety of systems using different protocols, thus allowing the implementation and upgrade of 3020 LifeXTM without compromising running systems. Operators are able to dispatch resources and manage incidents either via phone or tablet by using portable clients. 3020 LifeXTM offers a configurable user interface where user interface functions are grouped into modules that can be activated, deactivated, and arranged on the graphical user interface according to the customer’s needs. Additionally, context-sensitive layouts provide the dispatchers with all functions needed, without generating an overload of information.

The 3020 LifeXTM product line consists of three different packages, each of which can either be used stand-alone or in conjunction with the others, in order to deliver an advanced and customised control centre solution:

  • 3020 LifeXTM Radio Dispatcher (previously RADIO WEB Dispatcher)
  • 3020 LifeXTM Unit Dispatcher (previously RADIO STATUS Server)
  • 3020 LifeXTM Dispatcher

The 3020 LifeXTM product line is Frequentis’s answer to the demand for an Evergreen Control Room that constantly adapts to its changing environment while delivering consistently high performance. The Frequentis Evergreen Control Room Maintenance Service guarantees that the system stays compliant for decades and keeps up with future requirements (e.g. LTE). The Evergreen Control Room is a solution for customers who seek the highest safety and security standards.