Role handover between area control centres

The central element of the VCS3020X dynamic sectorisation is inter-centre role handover. Using the network to publish role availabilities, handover procedures are conducted in a safe and controlled manner, ensuring full access to radio resources and controllers in all involved centres, both for systems in and outside of the network.

All you need in an economic package

Especially for tower deployment smart3020X provides a system package tailored to the needs of smaller systems. This means no compromises with respect to functionality as the full 3020X feature set is available in a rack-space optimised hardware set.

VCS3020X in the IP radio network

Going beyond the ED-137 standards, VCS3020X offers radio networking functions to put IP technology to practical use: two-way dynamic delay compensation, radio network redundancy with seamless failover, and integrated radio remote control up to the controller working position are just a few examples.

VCS3020X & ground-to-ground networking

With the changing structure of airspace, the demands for telephony are also changing. The VCS3020X uses advanced routing principles, dynamically adapted to the location and availability of roles in the networked system. Legacy interfaces are included in this concept to enable independence between the new boundaries of airspace responsibility.