VCS3020X – End-to-End IP technology

With the VCS3020X, the broadest portfolio of functions and flexible configurations bring tangible benefits to your bottom line. VCS3020X offers highest performance at lowest cost of ownership: the fastest IP VCS combines the shortest audio and signaling delay times available with 1000 operational roles and an impressive 23 million operating hours.

VCS3020X for Dynamic Sectorisation

VCS3020X is a cornerstone component for a more flexible approach to airspace use. One of the goals of dynamic airspace use is to create more interoperability between ANSPs or different control centres, both from an operational and technical perspective. VCS3020X adds to this the capabilities to share workloads, network resources and management responsibilities.


VCS3020X increases efficiency by integrating an advanced role
concept.This allows workloads to be easily distributed across
control centres at times of peak activity, while sectors can be
merged when traffic is low.
Sharing of radio resources: With VCS3020X different control
centres are able to access the same radio communication
equipment in a safe and reliable manner.
Sector delegation: To ensure that no airspace is ever left
unassigned, the handover of airspace responsibilities is
conducted through an acknowledged workflow process, where
VCS3020X guarantees a gap-free handover.

VCS3020X – Trusted by 22.000 Air Traffic Controllers every day

As the technology leader in ATM communications, Frequentis has implemented over 500 successful projects in over 80 countries all around the globe. The trust our customers have in us is shown by the many references and best practice examples. More than 22,000 VCS3020X working positions are in operation day and night.