Recording, Logging and Investigation

A huge range of information and data sources feed into operational ATM decision making. ATM technology supports operators as they integrate and interpret this data and information, and then take the required actions.

It’s the real-time processing of information and data flows that drives daily operational decisions, but a historical record of all inputs and actions is also vital to ATM success.

This record serves three critical purposes:

  • Compliance with legal requirements
  • Support for investigation of relevant incidents
  • Analysis of decisions and actions for training purposes and performance review

Only a state-of-the-art recording and logging system can provide the data necessary to satisfy the needs of analysts, trainers and investigators.

The Frequentis DIVOS 3 log is such a recording system.

Designed to respond to the specific needs of ATM environments, it offers synchronised recording, analysis and playback of all relevant information (including voice, screen, radar and any other data of interest).

DIVOS 3 log scores at three levels:


Highly secured ATM legal recording 

The multimedia playback application Xpose accelerates the ANSPs’ investigations by correlating secured multimedia data with additional meta-information. This improves the investigative result by providing more complete and correct analysis for national authorities and court members. More than 75,000 recording channels delivered worldwide enable investigators to satisfactorily reconstruct incidents.

Best integrated ATM recording solution

DIVOS is seamlessly integrated into the Frequentis ATM Communication solutions and automation portfolio and supports all upcoming ANSPs’ future demands. Customers benefit from Frequentis’ competence in providing solutions combined with a well-established ATM recording platform. The DIVOS customer DFS confirmed this, saying: “What I particularly like about our collaboration is how the DIVOS Frequentis experts provide an honest assessment of what’s possible and what’s really needed. They’re not just trying to sell a product. Instead, it’s about finding the best possible solution for the customer.”

Cost-optimised ATM lifecycle 

Frequentis’ leading virtual architecture combines the primal TDM world, up-to-date ED-137 VoIP and upcoming Data Link, and “at the glass” or “through the wall” recordings. ANSPs secure their safety demands with the proven concept of DIVOS’ virtualized recording system. It increases system availability and maintainability whilst decreasing operational costs up to 30 % through reduced environmental demands.