Vitalsphere provides a level of safety and end-to-end performance not available from conventional networks. Brokering network capacity between ATM-specific applications and non-ATM specialised backbone networks reduces total cost of ownership and allows for bandwidth savings of up to 90%.

  • Intelligent Routing and Control Matching real-time network performance and application needs. The coordination of requirements from different applications optimises bandwidth utilisation and operational cost.
  • Situational Awareness Vendor-neutral end-to-end monitoring of applications and networks. This includes real-time measurements for every backbone, and dedicated interfaces to VSAT modems.
  • Scalable Networks Integration of divers technologies from multiple vendors. We partner with different vendors to deliver any type of IP-, TDM-, or satellitebased network.

Highest end-to-end performance

Utilising brown-out detection allows for resolution of failures before they occur, as it enables action before a link black-out. This process uses real-time information of actual network performance to re-route safety critical communication flows before the link fails.

Deterministic communication flows are the foundation for end-to-end path diversity – improving service availability by separating main and standby communication flows across the entire network.