The VCX IP gateways provide VoIP interfaces for legacy radio and telephony equipment. These gateways are synonymous with a new era of operational voice communication in safety-critical systems.

Conventional VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) gateways mainly use PC-based solutions lacking either VoIP capabilities or failing to provide the required minimum latency, reliability and availability. The Frequentis VCX VoIP gateways combine the high reliability of embedded systems with advanced VoIP capabilities.

For radio and telephone communication, the Frequentis VCX-IP Gateways are already designed according to the specifications made by EUROCAE WG-67 (Voice over IP for Air Traffic Management). The gateways cover a broad spectrum of interfaces, such as MFC-R2, LB, digital and analogue radio communication, enabling a step-by-step and controlled migration to a safe IP-based network.

Both network node and IP gateway solutions are scalable to fit different needs: from remote radar sites through to huge international ATM facilities.

Frequentis iRIF is a modern, IP-based radio networking solution: an IP radio gateway combining high reliability with state-of-the-art VoIP capabilities. iRIF provides analogue and digital audio and control interfaces to connect with a rich variety of radio equipment.

The whole design of the iRIF solution is orientated to ensuring seamless, cost-effective and risk-free transition to IP-based radio communication, with the built in flexibility to account for future developments and standards.

It can already be offered with an ATS-MFC R2 to VoIP/SIP gateway option following the recommendations of EUROCAE WG-67 (Voice over IP for Air Traffic Management), and is designed with future interoperability and SESAR requirements in mind.

The network interfaces to the communication infrastructure via VoIP mechanisms specially designed for cost-effective, reliable and safety-enhancing ATM applications. Dedicated hardware for VoIP audio processing guarantees highest audio availability and quality, such as low delay audio processing, jitter adaptation and automatic delay compensation.