Air traffic control operators must picture moving targets in three dimensions and manage situations to match their vision of a coordinated airspace. Many tools support them in this challenging task, with most airspace information presented in two dimensions on the surveillance displays.

ANSPs are forced to improve the controller’s working process to minimize the workload for traffic routing. Recording of processed and unprocessed TTW data will provide a real-time evaluation of any operator situation. During this reconstruction the situation can be reviewed and optimized for future purpose.

DIVOS 3 log records any ASTERIX-based surveillance data and visualise it. This visualisation is synchronised with any other relevant information, such as audio, data link information or screen captures. Playback visualisation can be through the customer’s own surveillance visualisation tool or through the built-in ASTERIX playback application. As such, DIVOS 3 log provides all the elements required for full incident replay and review.

Multiple resources may be attached to a central recording instance that is able to filter for specific ASTERIX categories or even record all categories if needed


  • Recording of any ASTERIX categories in a generic container format
  • Simultaneous recording of 60+ radar feeds
  • Operational security features (including encryption of recordings) to prevent manipulation


  • Playback synchronised with all other recorded media
  • Support for inclusion of Web Map Services
  • Display multiple layers containing geospatial vector data
  • Individual styling using Styled Layer Descriptors
  • Filter-based layer adjustment
  • Measurements of angles and distances
  • Handle and visualise 100,000 tracks per second
  • Intelligent label de-cluttering
  • Dynamic density calculations
  • High-precision overlay of different data types
  • Visualisation of live, incoming ASTERIX data (category 1, 48, 62)
  • Trajectory and 3D visualisation


  • Simultaneous playback of all recorded radar feeds to a remote destination
  • Streaming to 3rd-party visualisation tools
  • Support for variable playback speeds…from 0.1x slow motion to 5x fast forward
  • Bulk and real-time transmission