Best integrated ATM recording solution

DIVOS is seamlessly integrated into the Frequentis ATM Communication solutions and automation portfolio and supports all upcoming ANSPs’ future demands. Customers benefit from Frequentis’ competence in providing solutions combined with a well-established ATM recording platform.

This means smooth integration into…

  • Voice Communication – VCS 3020X
  • Network Communication – VCX-IP
  • Tower flight data processing
  • Electronic Flight Strip Handling System

The DIVOS customer German ANSP – DFS confirmed this, saying: “What I particularly like about our collaboration is how the DIVOS Frequentis experts provide an honest assessment of what’s possible and what’s really needed. They’re not just trying to sell a product. Instead, it’s about finding the best possible solution for the customer.”

Virtualisation optimises the ATM Life Cycle

FREQUENTIS leading virtual architecture provides a flexible software installation and supports integrators of multiple systems (like Prime Contractors) to reduce their efforts during integration and using a common platform for recording services.

DIVOS 3 log supports with this approach ALL primal TDM interfaces (ISDN, Analogue Radio/ Telephone), as well as ED-137 VoIP interfaces and upcoming Data Link and “at the glass” or “through the wall” interfaces.

ANSPs secure their safety demands with the proven concept of DIVOS’ virtualized recording system. It increases system availability and maintainability whilst decreasing operational costs up to 30 % through reduced environmental demands.

FREQUENTIS ATM Recording Service

We are proud to have already provided over 500 DIVOS recording systems in over 50 countries across the globe to our customers, who appreciate the continuous life cycle support and low operating costs. We care for dialogue with our customers, take on new challenges together, and bring safety-critical communication forward into a safer future.