The amount of information for an operator will grow tremendously in the next couple of years… At The Glass Recording will be the answer for incident investigation for future ATM systems.

First and foremost, ATG recording must not influence operational functionality under any circumstances. The captured image should also represent reality, i.e. what was actually seen by the controller. This means the information should be grabbed as genuinely “at the screen” (at the glass) as possible.

Therefore DIVOS 3 log provides a dedicated grabber that connects passively to the monitor signal cable, thereby avoiding any influence on the original signal. The Frequentis grabber guarantees fail-safe signal tapping and will be fully independent from any specific vendor.

There are many reasons to introduce at the glass recording to control centre working positions:

  • It acts as insurance for controllers, proving they took the correct action during a critical situation.
  • It provides the perfect resource for a personal review of the last shift.
  • It can be used for training purposes.
  • It supports the analysis and improvement of GUIs and the way controllers work.
  • It helps to identify possible malfunctions in applications.

So why using FREQUENTIS ATG recording services?

  • The grabber works 100% failsafe and independent from any subsystem.
  • DIVOS recording services are fully future-proof and supports up to 4k displays.
  • Frequentis understand the demands of an OPS room, so there are no rotating parts in the grabber.
  • The grabber is powered redundantly via PoE, so Frequentis follows the “Green IT” thinking.
  • The data connection for the recording is fully redundant and provides a safe information transport.
  • All common available display interfaces VGA, DVI, HDMI or Display Port (DP).

The Frequentis grabber combines quality with affordability under safety and security aspects. Lossless screen captures are compressed to an affordable size for storage, even at high capture rates (20 or more frames per second).

Highly secured ATM legal recording The multimedia playback application Xpose accelerates the ANSPs’ investigations by correlating secured multimedia data from ATG, TTW or VoIP with additional meta-information from other vendor subsystems. This improves the investigative result by providing more complete and correct analysis for national authorities and court members. More than 75,000 recording channels delivered worldwide enable investigators to satisfactorily reconstruct incidents.