Frequentis is a skilled and experienced prime contractor for small to mid-size turnkey tower contracts or countrywide tower modernization programms. The company’s track record of global success with integrated and turnkey tower projects reflects the Frequentis advantage: a flexible automation platform, a focus on the controller, a strong and worldwide ATC project base, in-house availability of all required ATC skills, and flexible programme management that supports cooperation with local partners.


  • Highly skilled programme management
  • Cooperation with local companies for civil/construction works
  • Capacity to handle complex projects on a short timescale
  • All core automation products from one supplier Relevant know-how for integration and 3rd party products, An end-to-end (voice) communication solution
  • Cost-efficient services from one source Transition management, Safety engineering, Contracts management, Training, Maintenance
  • Transition support Frequentis understands the impact and supports the customer during the operational transition (change of new procedures) as well as technical transition (switch over to new technology, refurbishment)