Our various tower flight data processing (FDP) applications draw on the TAPtools platform concept.

This is a highly resilient, failsafe platform for ATC-grade IT solutions. It connects a multitude of FDP and other information sources to provide integrated data about flight situations. In the platform, each flight is represented as a flight object, which allows information management in a SWIM-like environment.

The platform is also built to support integration and networking at its broadest level, by drawing on open systems standards and open database models.

The applications within the platform can be installed on a standalone basis, integrated with legacy systems or together with other applications from the Frequentis product portfolio.

Each application feeds into a harmonised interface at the cutting edge of usability and ergonomics. Years of experience and cooperation with active air traffic controllers, together with Frequentis technical know-how, result in world-leading user workflow environments that ensure reliable, accurate, fast, cost-effective and safe decisions and communication.

The individual modules within the FDP portfolio cover a wealth of ATM information and data needs, including ATIS, meteorological, navigational, runway and airport status, lighting control, electronic flight strip and support information system applications.