One challenge for controllers is retaining an overview of multiple meteorological data sources and visualising that data in relation to runway positions.

The Frequentis smartMET product presents meteorological and relevant status information from different sources on one integrated visual display, giving you an immediate overview of local weather conditions.

This display superimposes the wind’s speed and direction on a virtual runway layout, together with crosswind and tailwind components…so you can inform incoming aircraft directly.

The smartMET interface also displays other relevant MET data, together with the current ATIS code, transition level, operational condition (VFR, Special VFR, LVP etc.), sunrise/sunset and current time (UTC).

Among the benefits:

  • smartMet can integrate with other components of the Frequentis automation portfolio while retaining the single-screen approach. The architecture is built for reliability
  • Built in scalability and flexibility means it can be configured for a huge range of demands in terms of working positions, external interfaces, functions, roles and layouts
  • The interface is designed for usability and individual operators can customise the look, feel and features to meet their exact needs