As the controller’s workload continues to increase, so does the need for automation and a stronger reliance on technology to support that workload.

Neither is possible without a suitable working environment, one that optimises human-machine interactions.

A key initiative within SESAR is the design of an “integrated controller working position” (iCWP): the future working position that will form a critical component of modern, pan-European airspace management.

Frequentis has taken on the design leadership and coordination role for the development of iCWP documentation and prototypes within SESAR. This role reflects the special expertise offered by Frequentis in usability and human-machine interface design, as well as the company’s long-term commitment to (and participation in) the work of SESAR.

The goal of Frequentis is to return controllers to their place as the central focus of the working position, as reflected in the core qualities of the iCWP.

Within SESAR, Frequentis is aiming for a configurable interaction platform that serves as a single front-end system supporting all back-end services, with a common interaction scheme, look and feel.

The iCWP will feature:

  • State-of-the-art ergonomic design with a focus on the needs of the controller, not the technology
  • A flexible software/hardware framework using modular components: this allows ubiquitous implementation and flexible configuration according to specific, individual controller needs
  • Homogeneous interface design, so controllers everywhere can assume diverse and changing responsibilities quickly and efficiently
  • Future-proof, reliable equipment and materials that optimise both working efficiency and the working experience