smartStrips is the Frequentis solution for next-generation flight data management. It uses electronic flight strips for simplified and optimised handling of flight data.

The switch from a paper-based to an automated, electronic strip solution reduces the controller’s manual workload significantly, increasing efficiency and safety.

smartStrips is suitable for all operational segments of air traffic control, including control towers, approach control units and en-route centres. It can be deployed as a standalone system, fully integrated with your existing flight data processing/automation system and/or integrated with other products in the Frequentis ATM automation portfolio.

Flight strip appearance and manipulation closely follows the conventional paper strip. This combination of adherence to the established look and operating practice together with computer-based operation provides a best-in-class solution. Equally, each operator can customise strip bays, strip layout and strip fields to accommodate local regulations, procedures and workflow preferences.

Relevant data appears on a large 15″ to 21″ touch-sensitive computer display: the controller can use a stylus-pen, keyboard or mouse to manipulate the strips and associated data.

Strips are archived automatically and are easily retrieved for billing, statistics or investigation purposes.

The true benefits emerge through integration of the electronic strip functionality with the wider flight data processing system: smartStrips can be connected to any source of flight data, such as AFTN, FDIO, ADEXP or other FDP systems.

Single-click operation, advanced graphics design, sophisticated animation and handwriting capabilities guarantee fast acceptance by users, thus minimising transition time and training effort.

Frequentis smartStrips uses parts of the DigiStrips technology created by DSNA-DTI / Research & Development, formerly CENA (France).