smartLogic assists controllers with sound information and proposals for decision-making in order to improve efficiency and safety and furthermore ensure maximum capacity at the airport.

smartLogic leverages the flight, airport, meteorological and other information available in TAPtools products such as smartStrips and smartMET, to predict future situations and the most optimum situation. smartLogic is non-intrusive, which means the air traffic controller remains totally in control of decisions, receiving help from the system in assessing the current and mid-term traffic situation, and proposals on actions in order to operate at optimum capacity.

Based on the real-time information available in the TAPtools product platform, smartLogic combines optimisation logic through SESAR-validated prediction and optimization models in the following areas:

  • Push-back optimisation, i.e. proposals for proper sequencing of push-back operations to increase the chance of CTOT compliance for all involved aircrafts
  • Gate conflict recognition and resolution support
  • Taxi-way decision support in order to avoid congestion on the airfield
  • Traffic situation assessment in the near future based on flight-plan, surveillance, tactical clearances and meteorological data providing the right information to the controller in order to take the right decisions just in time
  • Estimation calculations using statistical and machine learning methods based on historical data

The smartLogic architecture allows integrating 3rd-party decision support services through the open interface architecture.

smartLogic is tightly integrated with other Frequentis solutions such as Digital Departure Clearance over Datalink to allow the efficient dissemination of decisions to the aircraft crew.