Fully-functional NavAids and a clear overview of airport/runway status are obviously a crucial component of flight safety.

The Frequentis smartNAV product provides you with a clear visual display of the current operating status of all relevant NavAids, including instrument landing systems, VORs, DMEs, NDBs, and surveillance radar installations such as PSR, SSR and SMR.

A scalable solution suited to any system size, smartNAV features a single interface that integrates all relevant data sources and systems in a single, graphical, navigational and runway status display, with touchscreen control.

This can be combined with other modules from the automation product portfolio, such as smartMET, to give a broader single-interface overview and runway management console.

Each operator can configure this display’s style and functionality, according to their particular requirements and preferences. smartNAV supports the role concept, adapting to individual operational needs and responsibilities.

The module includes customisable status monitoring, triggering immediate alerts for relevant status changes (such as runway blocking).