SmartLICOS/TEC enhances smartTOOLS with control capabilities. smartLICOS supports switching of airfield lights, stop bars and addition equipment around the airfield. smartTEC (Tower Environment Control) is focusing on control task within the tower cabin (lights, shades, door opener). For selected scenarios automation functions reduce controller workload and increase safety. (i.e. automatic light switching on runway change)

Among the many benefits:

  • Light control functions can be combined with MET and NAV Aids Status Display (no additional control panel required)
  • Adaptable human machine interface (HMI) to for visualisation of light status at graphical presentation of airfield
  • Direct switching of individual light segments or group of lights by a single click
  • Automatic light switching on runway change, or other external triggers (VHF control interface)
  • Special control widgets for setting different brightness status including feedback indication.
  • Standardised interfaces to existing systems via different control bus protocols (i.e. MOD bus) or contact based interfaces or standard protocols (MOD Bus)
  • Special safety logic indication for successful switching actions or error status.
  • ED 153 compliant