Air traffic control in general, and tower operators in particular, are challenged by ever more data sources, information flows, control needs, cost pressures, and environmental requirements. Not to mention the increase in air traffic itself.

Automation is an important solution to these challenges. But automation alone is not enough.

Frequentis offers a suite of automation products that also address the key needs of a modern, forward-looking airport.

These include:

Integration: products that integrate with legacy systems and equipment, as well as other Frequentis solutions. Products that collate disparate data sources and tower control elements, and combine them in a single user interface.

Usability and safety: optimised human-machine interfaces provide a quick, clear, graphical overview of all necessary data, and touchscreen access to tower control and management tools…fully supporting the SWIM concept.

This means better situational awareness, more efficient decision making and – most importantly – enhanced safety. A single, uniform user interface lowers training costs, removes device clutter and saves space.

Flexibility: modular and customisable systems allow you to mix and match features and functionality according to your specific requirements, using an open platform.

Scalability: a flexible platform that can expand with your needs.

Cost efficiency: reliable products that let you buy only what you need, integrate with existing infrastructure, and support future developments and expansion…your investments (past and present) are safe.