smartAIM – The smart™ way of managing aeronautical information

smartAIM is an integrated, net-centric and SWIM-compatible solution designed to automate the management of Aeronautical Information. smartAIM greatly simplifies the transition from AIS to AIM by allowing customers to make this change at their own pace.


  • A modular set of applications ensure a customized and future proofed solution based on international standards
  • Safety is our design goal based on SWAL 3
  • The solution is built to fit in Air Traffic Management environment
  • Follow-Up of upcoming standards (AIXM) to ensure the protection of investments
  • Reduced life cycle cost (LCC) and less maintenance cost due to longer life time support and less different vendors
  • Reduction of potential operational difficulties and issues when migrate from AIS to AIM by expert support
  • High scalability – remote clients, national AIM solutions and regional AIM hubs
  • Full support over the whole project phase including implementation, training and data migration
  • Proven technology and functionality based on EAD with more than 700 AIS/AIM positions to meet customer needs