Recording, Logging and Investigation

Better secure than sorry 

All maritime sourrundings have their special challenges. No matter if there’s busy traffic in the harbour or difficult weather conditions out in the open water every dispatcher

has to react quickly, take decisions at a moment’s notice and coordinate resources. There is no time for complicated technology – the technology available has to support the dispatch personnel; data has to be available on request.

With DIVOS 3 log you have an extremely reliable documentation system in your hands:

During every operation it synchronously records voice and data in order to filter important data out of conversations; after the mission you have an unbroken chain of evidence for the analysis of processes and for training purposes.

DIVOS 3 log is more than a run-of-the-mill documentation system. It has been especially developed to respond to the needs of dispatch centres. You benefit from know-how we gathered over the years and from our experience in safety-critical areas.