Port Communication Solutions (PCS)

Maritime Communication System for Port Communication Solutions (PCS) 

The Port – Gateway to the World

A modern, international maritime or inland port typically focuses on local and internal communication needs, but that’s no reason to avoid the latest technologies. Instead, take advantage of modern communication technologies like VoIP and state-of-the-art network equipment. Increase your efficiency by using a fully-digital and centralised switching system to enable access to all communication resources from any operator position.

Integrate all forms of communication with both sensor information and other data.

Radio -> Telephone -> AIS -> CCTV -> Ship database

The Frequentis MCS PCS is based on the standardised MCS 3020 product family and is equipped with special capabilities and functions designed for use in port environments. Each part of the system and each application (DSC, NAVTEX, radio remote control) is laid out for network usage, whether in small systems with just a few operator positions or in applications involving multiple centres and base stations.