Coastal Radio Services (CR)

Maritime Communication System for Coastal Radio Services (CR) 

Shore to ship, ship to ship, ship to shore and ship to telephone

Thanks to its decentralised and distributed switching system, the Frequentis MCS CR system is the most effective way to get all the benefits of a wide range of different radio resources…and you can access all resources from every point within the network. The Frequentis MCS CSS is based on the standardised MCS 3020 product family and is equipped with special capabilities and functions for use in a coastal radio environment. Multicentre and multi-base station design are the most important factors underpinning optimal MCS CR functionality, as well as performance capabilities that support almost infinite voice resources. Each part of the system and each application (DSC, NAVTEX, radio remote control) is designed for network usage, with free and flexible interconnections between ships and land subscribers.