Maritime Communication Systems (MCS)

Our maritime communication systems are land-based and support ship-to-land, land-to-land and ship-to-ship communication. The joint radio and telephone infrastructure enables fast, safety-critical communication between all different parties involved in MDA. This infrastructure is managed from designated communication centres. Our systems use the latest and best technology, and are designed for flexibility: this allows service providers and their organisations to evolve and strengthen their role in the future of maritime communication.

The MCS 3020 is a combined voice and data switch specifically designed for the needs of maritime coastal communications. The MCS 3020 uses the proven VCS 3020X application software and the latest peripheral hardware for interfaces and operator positions.

The MCS is available in various editions the so called “MCS Family” especially designed to fulfil all individual customer needs in their different surroundings. These include Coastal Radio Service (CR), Coastal Surveillance Solutions (CSS), Rescue Coordination Centres (MRCC), Vessel Traffic Services (VTS) and Port Communication Solutions (PCS).


The architecture of the MCS 3020 combines optimal performance with low-risk communication, and is based on a legacy of proven systems unrivalled in safety and reliability. The MCS 3020 integrates voice communication for radio and telephone, maritime applications and sensor information in one unique system. It features unlimited conferencing capabilities, as well as access to all communication channels for any operator, regardless of the system load at any time and location.


The MCS 3020 architecture supports hierarchical connectivity for communication resources and centres. All critical components of the system are duplicated to ensure the availability of communication paths. The decentralised and modular MCS 3020 provides full scalability without requiring software changes. So the solution is suited to both small and large systems, whether a simple port or harbour communication solution, a communication system for VTS centres, a special fully GMDSS-compliant communication system for MRCC, a large coastal radio system or an extensive communication system for coastal surveillance.

Future proof

The MCS 3020 undergoes constant development. This means, for example, we can already integrate state of the art communication technologies like VoIP and RoIP (Radio over IP). This guaranties each customer a solution that is customised perfectly to the infrastructure available within their existing environment.

Scalability: gate X – systems that grow with your needs

Meet the new member of the MCS 3020 family: “gate X”. This slim module forms the core switch for smaller applications, such as a port communication system. Despite its size, it uses the same software and hardware as the very biggest systems on the market, and offers the same functionality. So MCS 3020 with gate X is the first truly scalable system that has no functional limitations: you can create any system size required simply by stacking gate X modules.